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What are the Advantages of the Jewelry with an Oval Diamond?

by Rahim Premji 07 Dec 2020

A round gemstone automatically comes in mind when we talk about a diamond. The round diamond can also be called a brilliant which is the most famous of all diamonds cuts. Undoubtedly, the oval diamond is the most popular choice for the engagement rings and other types of jewelry.

Now the question is what makes the oval diamond so unique, and what should you pay attention to when opting for a jewel with an oval diamond?

The characteristics of oval diamond

The oval diamond has an elongated shape, and is cut in as many facets as the brilliant, namely 57 or 58. As with other cuts, a so-called 'bow tie' effect can also occur with an oval diamond.

The ‘bow tie’ effect can be recognized by the black spot that arises in the form of a bow, which prevents the light from being reflected properly.

The appearance of the oval diamond

Due to its special cuts, the most famous oval diamond looks a little bit larger. It look lager because an oval diamond has a larger surface area than a brilliant of the same carats. To make it clear, let me give you an example. A 1 carat oval diamond appears about 100 percent larger than a round specimen with the same carat weight.

The difference between an oval diamond and a brilliant

Objectively, the brilliant emits the most beautiful brilliance. However, an oval diamond hardly has to be inferior to this, as the cut has as many facets as compare to a brilliant cut. An engagement ring that has an oval diamond is perfect for the women who love the brilliance of a round diamond, but like to show off a slightly more unique ring.

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