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Gold Jewelry

by Rahim Premji 23 May 2021 0 Comments

Gold Jewelry

In ancient to modern days, gold jewelry is very popular among people's of the world. Elegant and sophisticated designs not only enhances the personality but also complements the beauty of a person. There is no age limit of wearing the jewelry. Both men and women likes to wear gold jewelry which plays a significant role in enhancing their personalities. In every eastern weddings, wearing gold jewelry is a must and necessary thing. Parents of the bride and in-laws, especially include gold jewelry as a token of love for the bride. Every country has its own unique designs which depicts their culture beautifully. Also Buying gold jewelry is the worth item for future savings. Because with the passage of time, gold jewelry prices are increased which shows the value of money. Moreover, buying especially gold jewelry is the valuable assert.

Jewelry is like the perfect spice - it always complements what's already there.

- Diane Von Furstenberg

Introduction about Gold Rush jewelry store

Gold Rush jewelry store is a brand of jewelry which provides variety of different jewelry in gold, diamond and silver. It also provides customized jewelry in which customer can order anything according to his/her choice. Gold Rush jewelry experts makes your imagination into reality. We provide unique and elegant designs from all over the world. Customer can choose from anything available in our store or give design or instructions so that our Gold Rush experts designers make it best with most appropriate time. We have variety of gold jewelry designs available consisting of different categories of jewelry.

Geographical Location

Gold Rush was established 34 years ago and it continued its services in the field of jewelry whether it is gold, diamond, silver or customized one. It was founded by the jewelry experts which are highly experienced in the making of jewelry. Initially, the first store was opened in East Gate Mall back in 1986. In 2004, the second location store was opened in Hamilton Place Mall Chattanooga. It also named as Karat (gold) Rush jewelry store as well. Now a days, internet is global World. If you are located near East Gate Mall or Hamilton Place Mall Chattanooga, you should visit our nearby store otherwise you can place your order online.

Categories of Gold Rush jewelry

Gold Rush jewelry store provides the following categories in the jewelry:

  • Gold jewelry
  • Diamond jewelry
  • Silver jewelry
  • Custom jewelry


Categories of Gold jewelry

Gold Rush jewelers provides the best quality gold jewelry which includes bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants and charms, chains and necklaces.

  • Gold jewelry bracelets

Gold bracelets are very favorite among the both gender. Women hands without bracelets or bangles are less attractive, but a statement piece of bracelet compliment them nicely. In these days both men and women want to enhance their personality with some bold gold bracelets that match their style and outfit. Gold design work pay attention to the beautifully crafted bracelets. Moreover, Gold Rush most selling bracelets are bold letter bands or delicately beautiful tattoo like signs are engraved on it. Also various categories like Pandora, friendship bracelets, tiffany bracelets, charm bracelets, chain bracelets, evil eye or couple bracelets are available in Gold Rush jewelry store.

  • Gold jewelry rings 

Rings are the most common and sophisticated form of jewelry that men and women wears in daily life. In foreign countries, it is compulsory for couple to wear wedding rings all the time. Gold Rush provides you the opportunity to order various designs of gold jewelry rings. It mainly includes spelling engraved rings or wedding date engraved rings. Other than wedding rings you can also order gold made fashioned rings or stone engraved rings as well. You can choose from the available designs or give your custom design.

  • Gold jewelry earrings

Earrings are also most common jewelry in women. Every women loves to wear earrings whether its wedding, birthday, party, friends get to gather or office routine. Now a day's various studs or piercings are very common in the people which are mainly made of gold. Because gold metal has the quality that do not fades out quickly. It maintain its polish with the passage of time, if it's looking dull, you just have to renew the polish with the very less price. Gold jewelry earrings increases the worth of wearing the jewelry pieces. In Gold Rush jewelry store most common earrings forms are statement earrings, Stud/minimal earrings, Hoop earrings, Jhumka earrings, Channel, Opal, Leather earrings etc. Gold Rush jewelry vendors provides you with the option to customize your earrings or purchase built-in design.

  • Gold jewelry pendants or charms:

Pendants are the most precious element in the jewelry items. Because after face, beautiful neck is visible to other person. If it has an elegant design then it surely enhances the overall personality of a person as well. The basic difference between pendant an charm is that pendant are relatively larger than charms and has not bail, loop or jump ring. Gold rush jewelry store provides you with the whole variety of pendants and charms. They also give you an option to customize your pendants according to your instructions. Our jewelry expert manufacturers listens to your instructions and make statement pieces very elegantly. You can choose your pendants like special name, words which is beautifully calligraphed by our designers. It also includes the following categories of pendants.

  1. Heart shape picture pendant:

                                                                                                                                                                             In this pendant you can place your special picture in it. The pendant may be silver or gold plated according to customer preferences.
  2. Couple name pendant or custom name pendant:

                                                                                                                                                                             Now a days, these written name words pendants are very demandable in the market. Everyone wants their own specific name pendants. These pendants are also be silver or gold plated according to customer demand.
  3. Broken heart pendant:

                                                                                                                                                                             This is perfect gift for the couples or a best friends because it has exquisite chain with the broken heart shape pendant which is the example of love of affection between two people.
  4. Picture engraved pendant:                                                                                                                        These type of pendants have a place (round, rectangle) to put your favorite picture in it. It's totally depends on the customer preference that which metal should be used.
  5. Elegant fashioned style pendants:                                                                                                                 It includes very decent pearls engraved pendants coated with gold, silver or diamond stones. We can customize according to every customer wish.

Other than this it includes gold locket, choker pendant, Pandora rose gold charms or evil eye pendants are available in our store.


  • Gold jewelry Chain and necklaces:

Like pendants, chains and necklaces are also very popular jewelry item. Chain is the accessory which used to be wears in daily life and it is equally admirable by both men and women. Every singer, an artist or a rockstar is the fan of wearing gold chains. Necklaces are used during weddings or any other function to enhance the outlook of the outfit. Gold Rush jewelry store provides you with variety of gold chains and necklaces which mainly includes cuban link chain, initial necklace, rope chain, evil eye necklace, white gold chain, figaro chain, bar chain etc.

  • Gold teeth grills:

Gold Rush jewelry store highly focused on customer satisfaction and customize teeth grills. Customer can order customize teeth grills of any shape and design coated with gold. Gold teeth grills are really trendy things now a days. It represent the entertainment culture like Hip Hop and Rapping.


Why you should choose Gold Rush jewelry store?

  • Customized jewelry option:

Gold Rush jewelry store provides huge range of quality products in silver, gold, diamond and also in customized one. Everyone wants their own specific and unique design of jewelry which should be related to their own sense of style and nature. For this reason Gold Rush jewelry provides the option to customize your jewelry according to your taste. You can customize any kind of jewelry like pendants, rings, bracelets studs and earrings.

  • Most affordable:

While keeping your struggle of balancing jewelry shopping within your budget, Gold Rush jewelry store brings the latest and durable jewelry designs at very affordable price. Our Custom jewelry is cheap as compared to other market rates. You will never regret of buying any kind of jewelry from our store. Our jewelry rates are highly approachable and reasonable as compare to the market. In special days Gold Rush provides sales on different item as well so the customer can easily avail this opportunity on its favorite jewelry items. Also we provide the best prices for wholesale jewelry items. We do not compromise quality over money. Karat Rush jewelry store are committed to providing you with the best jewelry that will last for a long time. You should give a chance to buy our statement pieces as a value of happiness for your special ones. You can take your custom jewelry from our store or order it online. 

  • Expert manufacturer:

Custom jewelry designers are always near your doorstep. You just place your order or give the instructions about jewelry designs, our custom jewelry designers fulfill all your requirements and delivers your order in best possible way. Whether how difficult the design is, our jewelry manufacture makes it beautiful and elegant. First they provides you the sample or prototype then according to your changes and preferences they finally make the original design and delivers it to you


  • Gold jewelry especially for men

Gold rush jewelry store provides number of articles of gold jewelry specifically for men. It includes various decent pieces of jewelry which specially designed for this gender. It includes rings, bracelets bands, broaches, studs and piercing etc. Customer can order custom jewelry designs according to his persona. You can choose from available designs or give your own design to customize it. Basically Gold Rush store is a one stop shop which includes all types of jewelry collection for every gender.


  • Nicely packed gold jewelry

Gold rush jewelry store not only focus on the piece of jewelry but also on the packaging as well. Because if the product packaging is not eye catching then the product will lose its significance. It is most significant feature in our business that every jewelry item is nicely packed when it delivers to the customer. Customer can also customized their gift boxes or gift bags from Gold Rush jewelry store and we make assure that all your requirements should be fulfilled. Moreover, if you want any kind of gift bags separately we will provide you with this feature accordingly. Also if you want dozen of customized gift boxes or bags we will deliver this you with the wholesale price also.


  • Fastest delivery of the jewelry

When the customer place an order for any gold jewelry design, our expert delivery staff packs your item very nicely and they give you the delivery details of the item, when its arrived at your doorstep. Normally, within 48 hours is used to deliver your order without considering any causalities. Refund and repair policy is also available under some conditions.

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