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How to Protect Yourself from Online Antique Jewelry Fraud?

by Rahim Premji 16 Dec 2020 0 Comments

If you are interested in the antique jewelry and you are the part of the Instagram community where the people are interested in the antique jewelry then you probably already know that the people are having a huge problem with the antique jewelry fraud now a days.

Now the question is that what do I mean by the online fraud that people are facing on one of the most popular social media platforms Instagram? It is when the people get to know that they have been made fool because they have received a piece of an antique jewelry for sale online turns to be the fake in some way.

Some of the scams people usually face are either the piece of the antique jewelry is a reproduction (a newer piece to made to look antique/old), it is not all original (some part of the jewelry are not old), or it is just not what it should be (fake stones, replacement parts, etc.).

In some of the cases, the online antique jewelry fraud can be an accident. What that means is, that unintentional ignorance on the part of an immature or inexperienced seller who is selling things online and doesn’t know enough about the product. Other times, it is planned, malicious, and intentional criminal activity the online seller is involved in.

Whatever the situation of the seller is, the end results of for the customer who bought the antique jewelry online are the same. The buyers who planned to buy something precious and special are ended up with having the fake jewelry items.

There are several ways you can keep yourself protect from the online frauds and you will never be a victim of the an antique jewelry fraud when you buy things online. These ways can reduce the chances or to minimize the damage if the worst does happen.

Look at the seller’s online presence

The first thing you should have to look into is that analyze the whole presence of the seller who is trying to sell jewelry items online. If you look into the pictures, try to find the same things on other e-commerce websites such as eBay, Amazon, and others.

If you have got the same pictures of the product which are being offered by any other sellers then it is obvious that the seller is trying to steal the pictures from the prominent store and selling the fake item using the original pictures.

Educate yourself

If you love to have the antique jewelry and interested in buying it from the online stores, the best and the first thing you can do is the develop your own knowledge first.

There are a number of books that have the very relevant information about the antique jewelry and you can try to find the collection of these books at your local library.

Ask for more real photos

In order to keep yourself protected from the online jewelry frauds, the first thing you should focus on is that never buy a piece of antique jewelry without seeing or analyzing it from every major angle: especially the back of the antique jewelry piece.

If you are considering buying an antique jewelry piece, look at it carefully: does it seem that the different parts of it have been attached to each other, or is it smooth? Are the stones set in the same style throughout the piece?

Ask questions

If you are excited in buying things online and you go for them without thing twice or without asking any question then there are several chances that the seller can make you fool.

Before buying things online, ask as much question as you have in your mind from the seller about the products you are interested in. If the online seller won’t take the time to answer your questions or the seller is not bothering providing the satisfactory answers to your questions about the antique jewelry items, then he/she don’t deserve your trust and you should avoid buying things from such online sellers.

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