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How to Take Impressive Jewelry Photos with Your Phone

by Rahim Premji 17 Dec 2020 0 Comments

If you ever get a chance and tried to take the pictures of the jewelry that you love most using any kind of contraption, they you might know that it is not an easiest thing to do.

There is a lot of things to focus on while taking the photos. The piece of jewelry is shiny, and it also has a thousand of tiny details that appeared terrible as they are a little bit blurry in the photos.

If you are interested in taking the good photos of the collection of your jewelry items to share them with your friends and post them on different social media platforms then you should keep several things mind. You should focus on several things while taking the photos of the jewelry items that portray the real face, details, design of your jewelry.

Some of the things that make your photos impressive are under;

  • Light
  • Focus
  • Stability


If you are up to taking the decent photos of your precious jewelry items to share them with your friends so they know how it actually looks, the key thing you should focus on is the light. You cannot take the attractive photos if the lighting in the environment is not right.

What’s “right” is hard thing to define – indirect, diffuse light is the holy grail, but different pieces of the attractive jewelry come to life in different light conditions.

The first thing you have to decide is the place where you can take photos from your mobile device. If there is any place in your home where you can use the natural light then it would the best option. Put the piece of the jewelry in the natural light and take photos from several different angles. Keep changing angles and taking photos until you get the desired one.

Another thing you should check that the flash of the mobile camera is turned off. This means—of course—do not use the flash while taking the photos because it won’t go the way you though it will be going.

You can also manage lighting manually. If you are interested in getting the impressive photos of the jewelry from your mobile device, you should consider creating an area of the perfect lighting by building or buying a lightbox that are available in the market.


First lighting and the second focus are the most important factors that matter when you try to take the photos of jewelry from your mobile device.

The photos that are out-of-focus are frustrating and totally unprofessional—these kinds of photos are one of the best ways to tell your audience that you are not interested in taking the good and impressive images.


The most obvious and best way to ruin a photo of your precious jewelry is to fail to get the piece in perfect focus. If the mobile device that you are taking photos from is not that much stable, the things in the images will not be visible and those things can be seen slightly blurry.

If you are planning to take the photos of your precious jewelry, always try to use one of the tripods to stable your device. If you set your device on the tripod, it will keep your phone stable as well as it let you get both hands in a photo at the same time.

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